Make a Difference Today! Donate your Computer to Charity!

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Make a Difference Today! Donate your Computer to Charity!

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:38 am

Are you planning on upgrading your computer or tablet but you're not sure want to do with your old one? Have you tried selling it but have had no luck? Why not donate it to charity? Many wouldn't consider donating a computer to charity, but I am reaching out to my community and letting as many people as I can know that you can absolutely donate your device and help those in need!

We all know how important technology is in this day and age; I would not be able to reach out to people without my laptop and you wouldn't be able to read this if it wasn't for your device! Technology is so crucial to have for school, work, and even for the latest news and information. Computers, tablets, and laptops are constantly upgrading and getting more and more advances; however not everyone is fortunate enough to keep up with the latest and greatest advances in technology.

Some people are struggling to find and even maintain jobs, or they're not as financially stable as they would wish to be so affording a computer might not be a possibility. However, with your charitable donation you can help provide a computer for a family that is in need of a device or you can provide a laptop for a struggling student who cannot afford a device for school. It might just seem like a simple computer, and it might not cross your mind to donate your item, but your donation can make such an incredible impact on the lives of others in your community.  

Some people are able to devote hours of hard work to volunteer for great causes, but charity work can be done on your time and at the convenience of your computer! All it takes is you visiting our website at and filling out the online donation form. Within 24 to 48 hours, a transporter will be in contact to schedule a pick up time that works for you. In exchange for your generous contribution, you will receive a great tax deduction and a vacation voucher for two! More importantly you will gain such pride and joy from donating to such a worthy cause.

You know the importance of technology, now imagine not having access to that necessity. Make a Difference Today! Help those in need and donate your computer or device to Computers with Causes!

Visit our site at to learn more or feel free to call our volunteers today at (888) 888-7187 and they will be happy to answer and questions you may have.

Thank you


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